Form 9465 is quite short and only requires your personal data, the names and addresses of your bank and employer, the amount of tax you owe, an estimate of the monthly payment you can afford, the day of each month you prefer your payment and the amount of each payment you want to send with the form. Have you already completed your tax return just to realize that the refund you were expecting was indeed a tax bill? If this ever happens and you are not able to pay the tax in full, you should consider asking for a payment in instalments so that you can pay monthly taxes. Form 9465 can be used to request a payment plan, but should not be used if the taxpayer plans to pay their tax debt within 120 days or if they want to use the IRS online payment agreement application app to request a instalment payment contract. To read the instructions for requesting a instalment payment agreement, click here. Instalment payment agreements are not guaranteed. The 9465 is calculated on the screen or displayed in the EF return reader only if you send the 9465 yourself. A control box appears next to each federal form that is filed on the RU Status page in view mode. As part of the guaranteed acceptance, you must not need more than three years to pay your taxes and you must agree to comply with all tax laws during the term of the contract. This means that even during monthly payments, you need to make sure that you file all future tax returns and pay your taxes on time. If you don`t, the IRS can terminate your instalment payment agreement and request full payment. This message is displayed when an amount is entered on screen 9465, line 8 for the amount paid with this query and the PMT screen is complete.

Since the LMP screen recovers the full amount due on Form 1040, but a lower amount is shown on Form 9465, there is a discrepancy. To clear this message, go to the PMT screen and enter the amount on Form 9465, line 8 as the federal payment amount….