e. Revocation of consent: due to the nature of the services, you may not use the services without accepting electronic notification of communications. However, you can revoke your consent to receive messages electronically by cancelling your Stripe account. e. Other Services: From time to time, we may offer you additional features or services that may be subject to additional terms of use or other terms of use. Examples of additional services are Stripe Radar and Stripe Sigma. All such additional features and services are part of the Services and you may not use such Additional Services unless you agree to the current agreement or the terms (if any) for such Services. procedures for the transmission of multilateral agreements concluded in accordance with section 1.5.1 of ADR b. Shipping Methods: You agree that Stripe may provide you with messages through the Services through our website or through the Dashboard (defined below) or by sending messages to the email or physical addresses listed in your Stripe account. Messages may contain notifications about your Stripe account, changes to the Services, or other information we need to provide to you. You also agree that electronic notification of a notice will have the same legal effect as if we would make a physical copy available to you. We assume that you have received a message within 24 hours of the date on which a message was either posted on our website or sent by e-mail.

View explanatory letter in EnglishInterprecency in English, French View agreement in English (version corrected on 21 December 2007) January 2020), letter and agreement in Spanish in English (reissued), agreement in Spanish in English, French, Czech, Italian, German, Spanish 03 Dec. 2019 / The Green Climate Fund (GCF) today signed a financing agreement with the French Development Agency (AFD) for the financing of the Water Banking and Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change project in the northern Gaza Strip. one. Registration and Permitted Activities: Only businesses (including sole entrepreneurs), bona bona bona profit organizations, and other companies or individuals established in France are permitted to apply for a Stripe account to use the services described in this Agreement. Stripe and its affiliates may offer you services or affiliates in other countries or regions under separate agreements….