All of this was presented by Pyle to the witnesses in the necessary order, and they agreed in their answers. The vote was proclaimed and was unanimously in favour of Elder Hinkles. Already in 2003, George W. Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act, which was passed with unanimous support from all parties. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on 12 counts against Buckey. Sixteen evacuated the Justice Committee, thirteen with the unanimous support of members of both parties. Five weeks later, he went before the City Council`s Land Occupation Committee and received unanimous approval. The trade magazines agree that Sony Classics is on a role. By a unanimous vote, they voted, all except Baron Brunfels, who did not speak. The opinion appears to have been unanimous against the convening of Congress. A unanimous court led by Justice Antonin Scalia disagreed and allowed the trial to continue. They would receive the unanimous welcome of a powerful people, as they did not know it. By a unanimous vote Tuesday, the San Diego City Council provided funding for the scandalous Intelligent Streetlights program, which began as an energy-saving tool and became a police tool.

The results were “unanimous on… all questions ,” said the New York Times imprecisely. The jury agreed to award the prize to Midell. Ginsburg did not argue about the case, but wrote the letter which, in 1971, persuaded a unanimous court to invalidate the state`s preference for men.