Without prejudice to the service provider`s right to carry out the process by other means authorized by current legislation, the service provider may provide the client with police, loading or other procedures or documents by leaving it at the client`s usual address or by mailing it to the client`s last known address (to a mailbox, place of residence, business or other means). Such a procedure is considered to have a notification effect for the customer: damage to devices operated or used, or any malfunction or malfunction in the supply or operation of a telecommunications or broadcasting service by a Singtel Group company, resulting from the installation and/or use of devices by the customer or another person (with or without the customer`s permission); The client breached any substantial obligation in an agreement with the service provider or a Singtel group company; refers to all end-use terms, including an end-user licensing agreement; The service provider may transfer and transfer its rights, interest and obligations from a customer agreement to another Singtel Group Company. Such an assignment or transfer comes into effect if the customer is notified. In the event that the service provider sells and transfers all rights, interests and obligations of a customer contract: If your account no longer has this function, we recommend that you send an email to Singtel to verify your end-of-contract date (info.singtel.com/faq-contact-us). providing the service provider with a service or equipment from a third party, vi) an error, omission or inaccuracy in the information provided by the service provider, whether for that customer or any other person, in a publication or in connection with a service or in connection with a service (including a call tracking service) or sung equipment or otherwise; and references to an agreement or other document must be interpreted as referring to this agreement or any other document that may be amended, amended or completed from time to time, and contain a reference to any document that it amends, amends or completes, or whether it is concluded, established or issued on its terms or conditions, whether or not they are followed by such phrases or similar import terms. For a customer, any information received by the service provider as a result of the customer`s use of a service provided by the service provider, or a contract or agreement between that client and the service provider, including all information (including opinions) that identifies a person or relates to a person, whether true or not; the service provider is deemed to have benefited from the sale or provision of such a service or telecommunications facility by or in connection with the use of the service and/or, where applicable, the resale of the service to the customer or group of customers or another person; When the service operator expands a service linked to unlisted service numbers, this service only covers the non-publication of the service number not listed in Singapore`s telephone directories and the non-disclosure of the service number not listed in a service operator`s telephone consultation service, and does not exclude that the unlisted service number be displayed or recorded on devices where a call or service number relates to the telecommunications line that is the subject of an unrecorded service number.