An example of a conditional fee agreement is available on the Law Society website at Conditional pricing agreements should always contain “what you need to know” guidelines before entering into such an agreement. You require specific contractual provisions to make them enforceable, otherwise you will be liable for your lawyer`s legal costs. All claims for which Bott and Co provide legal services are subject to a conditional pricing agreement. The document ensures that you only pay your lawyer if he wins your case for you, as well as capping the amount they can charge you. We often look at the Director`s disqualification claims, where successful defense (and thus the ability to continue director activity) offers sufficient financial value to exceed the additional costs of the increase over the usual legal fees. There are no prior fees for this, and it will be deducted from the final payment of compensation, so you can follow the right without risk. This means that if you received $2,000 in compensation, the law firm that represents you would be 500 $US (25%) I`ll keep it. for the work they`ve done on your rights. This means that the aggrieved person pays the firm`s fees instead of the cash register.

This example is very popular, but it is not the only example in which a conditional pricing agreement is appropriate. Another advantage of the 25% cap is that if, for some reason or another, your compensation does not cover your legal costs, you will not ask you to cover them, since we have already agreed that we will not receive more than 25% of your final compensation. Remember, the document is there for your financial protection and we are more than happy to guide you through, if you have any doubts at all. Until April 2013, lawyers could collect a “success tax” from the other party if they won the case. This allowed the law firm that represents you to pay you 100% of your compensation. CFAs were introduced in 1998 to allow people who could not afford to represent themselves. For example, in the case of a non-monetary claims dispute, this may result in a situation in which the increase in the costs of a conditional pricing agreement could be borne. The government changed the regulations in April 2013 and waived the requirement for one-third to pay the success fees, so that almost all law firms now require up to 25% of the client`s compensation for their services. You will receive a copy of our conditional pricing agreement if we accept your application.