It`s pretty hard today in my book, but in the end, although briefly to parse a few correctly. The Plonk at 27a was new to me, seeing the reviews that I wasn`t the only one to have the wrong first letter for 17d-3d at the beginning, inducing a deep groan. Very consistent and particularly appreciated 5d plus 9-20a. Back to yesterday`s toughie. Thanks to Tilsit and the Setter. I found this puzzle a bit of a slog and not particularly nice (3/2). Reverse engineering by lying the answers and then trying to see how they match the clues gave me a start, but I couldn`t parse 3d and 24d without the indications, thanks to Tilsit. 13a was a good clue. Thanks to the compiler, but it really wasn`t my cup of tea It was pretty hard with some great indications, especially 8d. I still don`t have 24d, I can`t imagine a word for temptation with these letters. Don`t understand how I got the 3d, the fwightful person can`t see! Terrible day here and in the hope that our logs will be delivered this afternoon so that we can light the wood stove. Thank you all. Glad to see that I wasn`t the only one who didn`t really like this puzzle.

I finally gave up when I realized it wasn`t getting smart and I wasn`t having fun. I certainly can`t design crossword puzzles myself, but I think someone who is as smart as Mr. Lampkin would want to entertain his solver with something funnier. It was vCJD who had the Dental Director explained in 2007 that all files used in the treatment of the root canal should be solitary. These files are not cheap and the NHS does not pay well for root canal treatment as dentists start taking teeth instead of trying to save them with root canal treatment. It was assumed that vCJD could be transferred via files, but there is no real evidence of this. There is a clue on the image when you remember the show. Today`s Indy puzzle is from Morph, who puts toughies into Micawber and can always count on mischievous fun.

This puzzle is here:!202011 you have to look at an ad and then there is a print option on the screen. Can someone explain “heap of brushes” for the 25A note “accumulation after a lot of oil changes”? Thank you Jolly difficult and I absolutely loved it — it took me years, but it rains with the rain and that sort of thing when it got old — it kept me happy if otherwise I didn`t know what to do. I`ve never heard of 27a wine and 1a took a long time to see “why,” like the second word of 12a. I`ve long tried to justify the wrong answer for 10a. Having heard of 17d is almost obvious, but it`s also wrong, too. Far too many good indications to choose some, but maybe 9a and 3d. Thanks to today`s setter for such a good crossword and also to Tilsit for the clues. I found it a very fair fight for a Saturday with the right difficulty in making it somewhat difficult.

3d is either horrible or brilliant, and I`m undecided. My favorite opinion was 5a. Tilsit mentions the strange way in which the notice was written.