If the tenant or his heirs have sold their rights under the lease of the property for commercial, commercial, professional, artisanal or other purposes, these rights and obligations are transferred to the purchaser until the end of the contract, unless the lessor claims damage unless otherwise agreed. The provisions of this Act apply to real estate and parties for accommodation, industry, crafts or crafts, as well as other purposes, and apply to existing leases. It is excluded from the application of the provisions: in the meantime, the employer can make housing available to its worker. In this case, no RPC is required, since the lease is between the lessor and the employer. Be careful while you sign the agreement. There is a fixed rental period and a variable rental period. If you are offered a position that, in the vast majority of cases, takes place in your expatriate country, you will almost certainly sign a contract or at least a creditor. This CPR number is more important to close the lease. Leases subject to the provisions of Act 9 of 1970 are terminated three years after the Act comes into force. In the application of the provisions of this Law, the following words and phrases have the meaning attributed to each, unless the context requires it otherwise: ministry: department that deals with judicial affairs. Minister: Minister for Justice. Owner: The landlord or the one who acts on his or her behalf or who is legally authorized to enter into a lease agreement.

Renter: The beneficiary of a rented property or with his rights in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Subtenant: Any person authorized by the original landlord to use all or part of the apartment rented for a specified period and for a specific rent. Rental property: property that is the subject of the agreement, utility companies that are leased in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Rent: an amount agreed in the lease agreement or, if applicable, set by the Committee against the use of rental property. Maintenance required: urgently necessary repairs to get the land leased before destruction and remains intended for the purpose known to the usual owner. Leasing maintenance: minor repairs for use by the taker in accordance with the usual practices of the taker. Office: Civil Registry Offices Leases in the five municipalities. Commission: Commission on Rental Disputes. The documents published today are in line with international contractual agreements and conditions and also guarantee the rights of all parties involved in the construction project. The tenant immediately returns the rental property to his state after the expiry of the tenancy agreement, if the procedures for surrender have not been completed as agreed, he assumes all the obligations under article (26) of this Act by the rent due from the expiry of the contract and until the actual date of surrender of the rental property, with the necessary compensation.