The BLM and forestry have manual direction to assist field units in implementing first service projects. The National Park Service and united States Fish and Wildlife do not have specific agency management; see examples below or talk to your agency contract coordinator for assistance. Inter-institutional agreements must be managed as effectively as possible to avoid loss of documents or delays in processing. This SOP applies to all funded inter-institutional agreements, including working capital between NRCS, USDA departmental offices and other federal agencies. This document does not apply to federal contracts, letters of intent, grants, co-operation or contribution agreements or repayable agreements with non-federal agencies. G. Interpret and implement agreement management policies and procedures. Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) System.- The online payment and collection system used by federal authorities for inter-institutional disditions and transfers. The following authorities may be used to enter into agreements with other federal authorities: B. Pluriannuels- a financial endowment available for a specified period of more than one fiscal year. Multi-year appropriations may be committed to meet the good faith requirements of the multi-year availability period.

Multi-year appropriations for agreements under economic law are subject to the same application standards and are not available to be subject to the requirements of an exercise beyond the period during which funds are available. 9. Help the contract specialist to conclude the contract by verifying compliance with all conditions. Soliciting agency. – the federal authority that solicits goods or services from another agency through an inter-institutional agreement; also known as a buyer. After completing this form, follow the policies of both agencies for the processing of agreements. In general, you need a contract specialist to verify your agreement before a manager signs it. Some agencies have such automated databases. B as the Forest Service`s I-WEB database, but not others. You should discuss the process and steps with your scholarship and agreement specialists. 3.

Signs past agreements and returns the package to the Acquisitions Division for final processing and distribution. This document imposes operating procedures for the requirement, consideration and effective execution of inter-institutional agreements for NRCS National Headquarters (NHQ) offices. This standard operating procedure (SOP) applies to the inter-institutional agreement process and is used by all NHQ staff involved in the process. 1. Serves as a signatory authority for all NHQ agreements (agreements may also be signed by the Chief or Associate Chiefs).