A detailed list or description of the required characteristics of an item to be built or purchased — usually used in the plural; construction rules require them to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake; Program specifications require an option to modify menus. Shop drawings – All drawings, diagrams, illustrations, calendars and other data or information specially created or compiled by the contractor or contractor and transmitted by the contractor to illustrate part of the work. Store designs, authorized or not, are neither drawings nor contractual documents. The standard AIA documents contain definitions of the above terms very similar to those of the EJPC (see AIA® A101TM, AIA® A201TM and AIA® A701TM). However, the AIA documents indicate what constitutes “contractual documents” in both the agreement and the terms and conditions of sale, thus creating the potential for conflicting requirements. The list of companies has had no impact on Huawei`s 5G devices, the performance and specifications of the products with our own components will only be better. A functional specification is a kind of requirement specification and can display functional diagrams in bulk. [Citation required] Rating popularity for the word `specification` in The Frequency of Noun: #1781 Project specification was easy to read, respond to and deliver. So far, no manufacturer has been able to provide more than one powertrain specification, and the World Motor Sport Council has also been informed that FIA Ferrari has agreed to provide a fourth team of customers with a 2015 specifications unit in 2016. The standard list of construction specifications is divided into 50 divisions or broad categories of work types and construction-related work outcomes. Subdivisions are subdivided into sections that each address a particular type of material (concrete) or a work product (steel door) of construction work. Depending on the result of the work, a particular material can be covered in several places: stainless steel (e.g.B.) can be covered as sheet metal material used in 07-division flashers and sheets; it can be part of a final product, for example.

B of a division 05 handrail; or may be part of the building material that is processed in department 08. The initial list of specification divisions was based on construction time, which worked from the outside to the inside, and this logic is still somewhat followed, as new materials and systems find their place in the construction process. The designation of information Special mention; as the specification of a charge against a military officer. A written statement containing a written description or enumeration of allegations against officers or soldiers. These types of documents define how to write a particular document, which may include the systems of a document name, version, layout, referencing, structuring, appearance, language, copyright, hierarchy or format, etc., but are not limited to that. [32] [33] [34] Although specifications are generally set out by the architects` office, specifications are written by the architect and the various engineers or by specialized specifications.