The Standard Liner and General Agency Agreement was published by FONASBA (Federation of National Associations of Brokers and Ship Agents) and approved by BIMCO in 2001. It is a contract between the line manager and his representative and it regulates, for example, obligations and payments to the representative. The last long-term agency contract, published in 2017, is part of the General Agency agreement. A port agent The Loadstar said today that he would take a look at the new agency contract to see if it could be adapted to the use of his business. We offer clearly described services and prices per service provided. The price is always the same when we provide the same services in the same port – you know exactly why you are charged and do not receive nasty surprises. With a service contract, you can save up to 30% of the agency fees associated with fees. The general agency agreement was developed for the provision of selected agency services over a period of time in a given area or territory. It is designed to be used in all trades and can be tailored to the individual needs of the parties. This contract was published in December 2017 and is the last edition. The copyright of the agreement on the General Agency is on the part of FONASBA. The publishers are BIMCO and FONASBA. Having a Ships Agency team in our time zone, speaking our language and understanding our needs is important in the business of the naval agency – keep the good work! Parties to the agreement may choose their requirements from a list of functions including traditional port or general agencies and ship management, distribution and marketing, as well as other niche and ad hoc services.

Founded by the International Association of Shipowners BIMCO and FONASBA, the organization that represents ship brokers and shipping agents around the world, it was created in response to the increasingly complex needs of modern navigation and the increasing number of disputes. Start your cost savings with the immediate impact of our service contract. The Agency`s appointment contract contains a number of standard provisions for the appointment of an agent for a single port call. The contract is concluded between the representative and a shipowner, ship operator, charterer or manager and sets out the benefits to be provided and the remuneration to be paid. This contract was published on January 9, 2017 and is the last edition. The copyright in the Agency`s appointment agreement belongs to FONASBA. The publishers are BIMCO and FONASBA. “Litigation costs time and money,” said Francis Sarre, chairman of BIMCO`s documentation committee. “We hope that this new agency representation contract will facilitate more fluid working practices and help avoid differences of opinion between operators and representatives throughout the sector.” “We haven`t had too many arguments over the years, but when we have, we normally have to give in to keep the business,” he admitted. “It could be good for us, but only if there is a mutual agreement between our sponsors to use it.” Over the past two decades, the practice of signing agency contracts has declined considerably, as functions have changed – for example, port agency companies can only cover or operate for line companies.

Mike Wackett (The Loadstar) – A new draft standard general agency agreement, which includes a comprehensive list of functions that have been concluded between shipowners and operators and shipping agencies, has been launched.