7.2 Alibaba Terms of Engagement. Alibaba`s commitment to carry out the proposed transactions is conditional on compliance with the following additional conditions on the closing date or before the closing date: (a) submissions, performance. (i) The assurances and guarantees provided in Section 2 (i) are in all respects true and correct on the date and date of this period and (ii) are considered to be made and are considered in all respects on the date and from the reference date, with the same effect as on the date and date of reference (except to the extent that the conditions of an earlier date are expressly set; , in this case from that earlier date), unless it is reasonably likely that the absence of such assurances and guarantees is accurate and correct. (ii) Yahoo! has properly completed and completed all necessary agreements, agreements and conditions under this 3.1 authorization, etc., in all key areas. (a) Alibaba has the power and authority of the company to implement and comply with the subsidiary agreements in which it participates, to carry out its obligations under that agreement and this agreement, and to complete the transactions under this agreement and, therefore, to carry them out. The implementation and provision of this agreement and the ancillary agreements involving Alibaba or a member of the Alibaba Group, the performance of these obligations in connection with that party and its obligations, as well as the execution of the proposed transactions and, therefore, the business measures required by that party have been duly approved, with the exception of the authorizations of Alibaba shareholders. Alibaba has properly executed and delivered the agreement and, on the reference date, Alibaba or the relevant member of the Alibaba Group will have properly executed and delivered the ancillary agreements in which it participates. This agreement constitutes the legal, valid and binding undertaking of Alibaba and the relevant member of the Alibaba Group, which may be limited by bankruptcy to Alibaba and that member of the Aladdin Group and, to the extent that Alibaba`s knowledge, the other parties may be executed in accordance with their respective conditions, with the exception of (i) of their enforceability. , insolvency, moratorium or similar laws relating to the application of creditors` rights in general, and (ii) the availability of appropriate remedies may be limited by fair principles of general applicability. (b) Alibaba has obtained the agreement of Alibaba shareholders; Alibaba shareholders` consents include a sufficient number of voting shares to approve the issues set out in the voting agreements, including the completion of transactions under this agreement and ancillary agreements.