Group contracts are a formalized document (digital or paper) of standards and agreements that students complete at the beginning of the project. This document is jointly completed by all members of the group and describes how they work together and how they successfully complete the product (s) of the project. Group contracts are often divided into several sections in which I will dive below. Here`s an example of the one we used for our Bed 4 Life project and here`s one that was started by students (I deleted their names and contact information). The agreements between students are as good as the consequences on the breakdown of agreements. Without consequences, the agreements lose their effectiveness. Here too, you can set out for students to draw the consequences of their individual group. One of the most popular decisions that students choose to tackle break agreements is a strike system. Students design a system of disconnection and registration of strikes for when agreements are broken. They usually do something similar to the following: the preferred approach to supporting the logistics of the weapons system. [sentence fragment] It aims to provide product support as an integrated and affordable performance pack to optimize system availability.

PBL achieves the performance objectives of an armament system through a support structure based on long-term performance agreements, with clear lines of authority and accountability. [1] In 2011, the DoD commissioned a Deloitte study to determine the impact of PBL on the cost of the life cycle. The report summarizes the PBL`s view on a technical level, but clearly on cost savings. “There is widespread (but not universal) agreement that devices that are maintained under PBL agreements are more available for missions, more reliable and easier to maintain than those that are repaired under transaction agreements. But there are differences of opinion on the affordability of performance improvement. [5] Your students establish group contracts at the beginning of the project. The day they have their band, we`ll let them work with their group. At the beginning of the year (or if we add a new section to the group contract), we go step by step to see what should be used, why and how each section should be used, and then give them time to work on it. This is always their first group repository before moving on to the other requirements of the project. However, to make them effective and worthy of your teaching time, you should encourage them to use contracts frequently. How many times it`s up to you to do it! Perhaps we will start each time the groups stand, with a 5-minute check-in for the groups, to update their agreements and the list of next steps. Maybe do a Friday recording reflection to see how they use it in their project.