If you are directly affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and are unable to make your regular payments to the IRS, please contact us at 518-457-5434 during normal business hours – Monday to Friday, 8.30am.m until 4.30pm.m. For faster service, please have your Social Security number or employer identification number (UN) when you call. Our representatives can help you with the following payment questions regarding existing invoices: here is the link to the NYC Financial Department, where you can pay your bill or take payment terms. If you`re not sure if your home is on the list or not, there are links at the bottom of the page on the city`s website that will lead you to the full list of homes that are on the list of listings in each district. If you are unable to pay your tax bills in full, click here to qualify for an Installment Payment Contract (IPA). In accordance with the agreement, you make monthly payments for your unpaid tax balance. Although your payments are more manageable with a payment plan, the total amount you owe will increase because interest will continue to fall until the amount you owe is paid in full. For example, if you owe $1,000 and choose a 24-month payment plan with 9% interest, you will end up paying more than $1,100. A parking ticket payment plan is an agreement between you and the Ministry of Finance under which you agree to pay the full amount you owe for parking debts instead of paying everything at the same time. Entering a parking ticket payment plan can prevent enforcement action. B, such as starting or removing your vehicle. For more information, please call (212) 440-5300, contact us via the customer portal or visit www.nyc.gov/finance.

Once you have completed the form, you can download it to our customer service portal at www.nyc.gov/parkingticketpaymentplans. To sign up for a parking ticket payment plan, please complete the registration form for the parking payment plan and the camera, and owners who have pawn rights must be sold must contact the city to complete a payment plan or request exemption from the purchase of the warranty (see freedom of access checklist).