When colors are used as adjectives, they usually have to match the sub-tants that change them in sex and number – but there are a few notable exceptions. The meaning of the sentence can change the spelling of adjectives. More practical re Position of colors After the nocturnal in French: When it comes to composite color adjectives composed of two colors, the color adjectives in French are immutable. They do not match the name they described in numbers and gender. For example, the word brown is a Noprov. But it is also an adjective. The correct spelling is: “color” is often added to immutable colors. Z.B.: Brown cars (f) – brown cars b. These adjectives, derived from nouns, follow the normal rules of the adjective agreement: If you learn French, color names are one of the first things you study. It is not easy to reconcile adjectives with the image they change. Colors are adjectives. In French, they follow the word they describe.

Z.B.: `The white dog` becomes `the white dog`: The white dog. There are a few colour adjectives in French that do not follow the general rule of agreement. These colors are immutable. This means that their spelling never changes. Let`s look at some color adjectives that are immutable in French and that are: in this article, you will discover how the manadjectives match the name they call: most simple colors in French change their endings to match the word (name) they describe. Z.B.: The green pencil – the green pencils Green pencils – the green car The green cars – the green cars When used as adjectives, the colors follow the general French grammar rule, with the name they described. This general rule is that the colors in French coincide with different sexes (women/men) and numbers (singular/plural). There are four cases that apply to the color chord in French: remember that the Orange adjective is immutable, no matter.

When colors are combined, the match depends on what the colors exactly describe. The correspondence table below summarizes how adjectives follow the color of French grammar with singular and masculine male plural names. You can see here how the French agreement adds useful information that is missing in English, which is necessary to avoid confusion. Some colors do NOT change their endings in French. They are called “unchangeable.” Orange – Brown Brown – All colour combinations are immutable. Z.B. The navy blue car – the navy blue car The navy trucks – the navy blue trucks The dark green car – the dark green car The dark green truck – the dark green truck The orange truck – the orange TRUCK has. Several names with different colors (some are a color, some are others) – match In these cases, the name of the color is not derived from the names of other objects, stones, flowers or fruits. Most of the colors that come from substantives (usually found in nature, such as animals, flowers, fruits and minerals) are immutable.