Big delivery contracts. “large supply contracts” (i) all supply contracts with compensation greater than [ (ii) supply contracts that are essentially related to large subcontracting and (iii) any other supply contract or any type of supply contract that the company may in future qualify as “large delivery contracts”. 13.4 Supplier diversity. The company wants to use small businesses that are considered small businesses (disadvantaged, veterans, disabled veterans, women owned and HUBZone) (as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration). In recognition of this, the supplier will work to develop additional suppliers, to make appropriate efforts to employ qualified suppliers and subcontractors where appropriate and feasible. The supplier maintains subcontracting records for small businesses and can, at the company`s request, report on the percentages of supplier expenditures for small businesses, as well as all examples of outsourcing efforts loyal to small businesses. These and other expenditure percentages are shown in Appendix 2 of Appendix J (Supplier Diversification Plan). In the event that a key provider`s staff is reassigned or removed from the performance of certain services prior to the closing of certain services, the provider will assign an appropriate replacement, designated as a key supplier staff member, as soon as possible, subject to the entity`s agreement.

In order to ensure a smooth transition between these staff, the companies and suppliers agreed together (no party to the contract is subject to withholding, conditioning or undue delay) over an appropriate period of overlap during which the primary supplier`s staff is reassigned or withdrawn, as well as the replacement staff of the key supplier to support the provision of services under this agreement or orders. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the supplier may not exceed 10% (10%) main supplier`s staff, over a period of six (6) months, with the exception of layoffs. 13.3 Equipment supply/rental contracts. The supplier must identify the delivery contracts necessary to deliver the services in accordance with this Contract or the current order and service levels. These supply contracts are concluded by the company or supplier at its sole discretion. The company has the right to indicate the use of certain third parties by the supplier. Such a specification by the company does not constitute (i) a company`s liability to third-party suppliers or a contractual practice between the company and a supplier, unless the company is a party to the existing supply contract or (ii) exempts the supplier from its obligations under that sub-position or is a guarantee or approval by the company that that supplier is qualified or performing.