Go to: edenpr.schoology.com (MacBook) or Schoology Safari Webclip (iPad) If you`re safari on an iPad, go to Settings, tap Safari, scroll down and tap “Delete Site Data.” Then go back to edenpr.schoology.com to register. For teaching questions, please contact the Personalized Learning Department at EPSPersonalizedLearning@edenpr.k12.mn.us Family/ Student Help Line: 952-975-7094 helpline@edenpr.org students cannot download apps from iTunes or the App Store. To access all of your student apps, please go self-service to get a full list of apps available on each district device. Use the following resources to explore different ways to create and manage routine: By activating the hotspot function on your phone, you can connect a device emitted by the district to the Internet. This allows you to use data when your mobile plan allows only a limited amount of data per month. Many carriers have removed data limits in response to COVID-19. Check with your mobile operator (T-Mobile, AT-T, Sprint, Verizon) before continuing to avoid additional charges. Please note that FaceTime and iMessage are not currently available on Eden Prairie Schools Devices Student User User Name: Scheller-ID number@ep-student.org (12345678@ep-student.org) Password: lunchpin-learn (12345learn) . Please note that access and download options are limited when using a District device. If you find that your Microsoft account says it needs to be “reset,” you should contact our Tech department to have your password reset. The Indiana Department of Education took the new test. She asked for the penalty break for schools, but said the results were valid. Seesaw is a platform that will be used in addition to Schoology at Eden Prairie K-2 schools will have two years before facing possible consequences, meaning they will see no impact on the test results that will be given next spring.

If you log in from an iPad, choose the login “username” option and search eden Prairie Schools Video Tutorial Infographic Access through Schoology Seesaw For Families Lawmakers rushed the bill through the Statehouse in aneffort to make ups promises Gov. Eric Holcomb and General Assembly leaders made to schools and teachers late last year. Following the release of the test results, Jennifer McCormick, State Superintendent of Public Education, stated that the lower values are at least in part due to the fact that the exam is more rigorous and designed to test the academic and career spirit of students. New families must sign the i-Learn agreement so that a digital device can be assigned to their child. The forms are made available to parents during the extension of the device at the beginning of the school year. If your family signed an i-Learn agreement last year, you won`t have to resign this year. It was also administered in a single test window. This meant that students spend less time on the exam and teachers spending less time preparing them. Website: drive.google.com – Available as an app via the “self-service” portal – Can be used for: SeeSaw (K-2), BrainPOP, RAZ-Kids, Big Ideas Mathas, Think Central, Select Textbooks and beyond – You`ll find resources here that strengthen the partnership between home and school to inspire lifelong learning at Eden Schools Prairie. The resources on this page are designed to meet the needs of our families.