(8) In a letter of delegation of order management, indicate whether the premium contains a request for reopening. Check with the ACO on all premiums maintained for administration that are affected by an Advance Price Rate Agreement (FPRA) or an Advance Price Recommendation (RPF). “Distribution and Price Agreement (DAPA),” an agreement with a manufacturer or supplier that sets both the selling price of a product and confirmation from the DAPA holder allowing contractors to market their products. A DAPA allows the delivery of selected products at specific prices. (4) At the request of the government, the contractor must be prepared to submit a plan for participation in the validations and tests in order to verify the capacity of S-S described in the CAP. Participation in the validation and review of S-S will not result in additional burdens on the government and will not justify a fair adjustment of the contract price. The plan must include methodology, evaluation criteria, work, equipment and time required to complete validations and tests. The S-S validation generally includes verification that the contractor and subcontractors have equipment, equipment, personnel, inventory, pre-positioned raw materials, production capacity and basic resources; (b) agreements, networks and distribution plans (reception, storage, packaging and exhibition); (c) transportation services designed to meet the requirements of the contract; (d) internal review of work; (e) review of the inventory rotation plan; and (f) other contracts affecting the production of additional or accelerated quantities. There is no need to include the test/verification plan in the supplier`s proposal. Bidders are invited to consider, when formulating the proposal, the possibility of the government requesting this participation. a representative sample of items that can be purchased under the pricing program under a proposed contract measure. The proposed prices for market basket items are set fairly and appropriately before being included in a resulting contract. Can also be mentioned under other names such as the “price evaluation list.” A DAPA is not a contract.

This is an agreement between DLA Troop Support and the manufacturers/suppliers of the MSPV program. DAPA determines both the selling price of the products and the authority to authorize DLA Troop Supports PVs to distribute DAPA-Holders products to DLA Troops Military Supports and other federal customers.