Did you finally contact Apple to remove it, or did you simply accept the new deal? I ask because I want to contact Apple to delete it and asked me who to contact. I have the same problem. Did you find a problem? I can`t update my free apps and I don`t have paid apps. I do not see the side, I see the agreements that I have already made, but nothing new that I can approve. Has anyone solved this problem? Are you lucky? I have the same problem, an unpaid imputation contract, but I only have one free application on my development account. What we`re going to discuss is Apple`s paid application agreement. AAP is a 37-page agreement that you must approve before submitting your application. It can be read on iTunes Connect. From the ACCORD, we are looking at Appendix 2, Section 3.8 (b) of the document.

If you want to submit your app as a paid app on the App Store, you have to do this: One is paid for the deposit of a paid app in the Apple Store, the free app is free, I don`t think you`ll have to accept the paid app. However, I see no way to terminate the contract, so it is likely that you will contact Apple directly. Due to the contract not yet accepted in the Apple account, can`t we push a new build from Xcode to Appstore connect? It fails if you press a compilation of Xcode. Do I have to complete the details of the payment of the contract? I`ve already submitted free applications. Now I`m trying to update one of the free apps, and the main page of iTunes Connect shows it to me: I`m a little ambiguous about how this contract and agreement works and the forum doesn`t seem to have an answer yet to that question. To accept this agreement, you must have already accepted the Apple Developer Program License Agreement in your account on the developers` website. It is clear that they want me to accept the new agreement, but I cannot find it anywhere. Are incomplete applications something you usually avoid successfully? I have the same problem. I see the agreements, but nothing new to accept or submit. Stucked and can`t release a new version of my app. Hello there, go to developer.apple.com -> select People (left) -> You search under Agent Is the account you sign up on iTunesConnect with the same email address as the person on the agent? If not, use this email address to connect to, then continue with the Agreement, Tax and Banking module.