After the end or expiry, you will immediately stop using our brand and references to this affiliate program from your (s) site (s) and other guarantees. In order to avoid any doubt, the termination or expiry of this agreement will not result in the termination of a customer`s subscription contract. Affiliation Agreement, model affiliate program contract, affiliate contract, affiliate marketing agreement. We are happy to help your affiliate program by providing below a model of terms of use. If you`re interested, you can also download the full agreement for a nominal price (detailed and almost twice as long as the sample). The Instant Download archive also includes 20 platform-specific agreements, covering all major affiliate networks. With the initial remuneration, the affiliation agreement often contains terms that specify when the commission structure can be renegotiated or amended by both parties. The entity itself may reserve the right to periodically change the commission structure on the basis of the performance and performance of the related company itself. Similarly, since the company introduces new products or services that are not originally covered by the affiliate agreement, it may have in the agreement a clause allowing them to update the agreement to include appropriate compensation and consideration for these new products. Save yourself the trouble of creating your own affiliate program agreement. Download our fill-in-the-blanks style for just $11.95. In this document, the form filler can enter relevant identification details of the company, for example. B name and website.

Then the details of the affiliate relationship are inserted, z.B. what type of affiliate program it is and the specific payment terms. An affiliate agreement is a marketing or referral program in which the Affiliate receives payments from the commercial company that operates the system when web users visit a website, register on a website, buy from a website or take other actions (for example. B Amazon`s partnership program). This membership agreement is governed by the law of England, Wales or Scottish law. A converted lead is a lead sent directly by the Affiliate to the distributor, resulting in a specific sale or action. Some leads may not lead to a sale or purchase, in which case the trader might not want to pay for an unreverted lead. This affiliation agreement stipulates that a commission is payable only for a converted lead.

Sponsorships are very common, as companies regularly sponsor charity events or conferences. Marketing influencers has also seen a huge influx of sponsorship agreements with influencers with significant online consequences. With all current sponsorship possibilities an iron contract must be developed. 8.2. Affiliates that offer, among other things, keywords or only in their pay-per-click campaigns on keywords such as, merchants, www.merchant, and/or any similar changes to these keywords, either individually or in combination with other keywords, that do not route the traffic of these campaigns to their own website before being directed to ours, whether they are considered brand sellers and are prohibited by merchants.