Suppose you will have to renew your contract SCR220 ERTS Listing Agency, simply fill the other coagulated box and letter in SCR220 and brokerage and seller marks after filling the fillings with the scr220 sentence. Note that the SCR390 title can be changed by clicking on the box for the contract or lease, or that the raw material is filled (for example. B, the purchasing agency, the list agreement, the land agreement, the transaction intermediation). The SCR Forms Committee is trying to minimize the number of forms, so there are a few multifunctional forms. Note that the signature lines have spaces that can be used with brokers or clients or others. “The closure is made when the seller entrusts the property to the buyer and does not occur no later than 5 p.m. on ___December 6, 2018 (“closing date”) with an automatic extension of 5 working days for a disgruntled event without fault of one of the parties.” For the period, which ends on to a .` “It`s not going to be the last time. “I`m not going to be the one” Always try to use the whole set of any shape.