A bite-size money class from Ride Free Fearless Money.
One Week:
Clean up your money.
Clear out your stress.

Clean Up and Clear Out: a One Week Money Cleanse eCourse

There’s a belief we’re supposed to be “good at money” without talking about it -- and we all know how well silence works...


This one-week course delivers readable, little steps via emailed instruction every day for a week. Simple, smart, and achievable.


What’s in the course? Day-by-day play:

  • Tips to acknowledge your money feelings, de-stress, and reality-check.

  • How to think about budgeting differently and select one tool to help you track expenses

  • Get your crucial four budget numbers - the rest

  • Have Debt? Make a plan to deal with each one, in order of urgency.

  • Have Extra? Basics of Investing

  • Name your goals! Put your goals where they will stick

  • Tools to support you going forward.

What does this course do?


Like any short health checkup, it makes you aware of where you can make tiny changes. But with money, tiny changes make BIG differences:


  • If you institute one $10 change a month, you’ll have $120 in a year -- a really fun night out.
  • If you institute one $10 change a week, you’ll get over $500 in a year -- a weekend away.
  • If you institute one $10 change a day, you’ll have over $3,600 in a year!! -- a month off of travelling or a solid savings base!
Making the changes is up to you -- but if you're like four out of five people who work with Ride Free, you'll make more than one positive change in the first month.
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About your fearless teacher

HADASSAH DAMIEN is a teacher, artist, technologist, and iconoclast. I was raised working-class in upstate NY. After defaulting on student loans, I cleaned up my finances, traveled the US and Canada as an artist, and ran side hustles for 12 years. I founded Ride Free Fearless Money, a project dedicated to making stable financial lives for other progressives and creatives, in 2015. I’ve handled the financial side of a dev shop and a few arts organizations, and have participated in cooperative, freelance, sharing economy, DIY and investment business ventures.


All of my educational work is designed to give you context and information to make informed decisions -- this One Week Money Cleanse does that in the the spirit of Ride Free Fearless Money: real-talk, progressive, intersectional and no judgement.


You can change how you relate to money today. Start your course now!

Hadassah Damien & Ride Free Fearless Money © 2017
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