Hacking Capitalism Meetup

Need more motivation to get your finances sorted? Get into #hackingcapitalism!

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Hacking Capitalism: Divesting, Debt & (more) Ethical Money Management –> More upcoming events and RSVP below!

Navigating social and economic systems that create the complex and often unfriendly world of finance, credit, and debt often equals finding your way around impediments.

Given the toxic nature of these interactions, it can seem temporarily better to avoid dealing with personal finance — but as those of us who’ve avoided know, it catches up with you.

Dealing with the guilt of choices that don’t match our ethics (banking with Wells Fargo? Citibank?…) or fallout from personal economic hardship (behind on debt, bad credit) takes energy from our lives – energy which could be used MUCH better in movements, activism, creative pursuits, or just leisure.

You don’t have to like “the system” to navigate it well! As a matter of fact, those of us who are not “insiders” of systems are often great at navigating them — we’ve had to figure out how, which is an advantage.

In Hacking Capitalism, we take the concept of workaround from hacking, and anti-capitalist values to motivate and instruct us on how to move past freezing and fear into positive action around money.  We talk about money. We talk about class. We get intersectional and get going.

Join me in person or online for a free bimonthly meetup! 

Upcoming Events:

  • March 18 — Divesting from Banks & The History of Banking [RSVP here] hosted by BANKERS, an ad-hoc group of activists looking to turn the ball and chain of consumerism, now being used to keep us down, into our best weapon against the oligarchy.
  • April TBA — Divesting TBA
  • May  9, 2017 — Divesting and Navigating Debt strategies

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